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Mar 12

Animals 'scared' by bursts of light from power cables

BBC News Science and Environment Report

"Several species' vision was studied by an international team to identify this ultra-violet (UV) sensitivity.

"The findings, published in the journal Conservation Biology, claimed habitats and migration could be disrupted.

"The flashes, or corona, occur when charge builds up in a cable and is released into the air.

"The international team, including scientists from University College London and the Arctic University of Norway, measured the spectrum of light emitted by these bursts of charge.

"They worked out that although the light was invisible to us, it contained wavelengths seen by many other mammals. . . .

Mar 1

Oct 28

Expert Panel Review Safety Code 6 - Rob Metzinger

Submission to Royal Society of Canada - Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity "EHS" and Safety Code 6 Recommendations

Safe Living Technologies Inc. 


Aug 18

Electromagnetic Pollution and Disease

Coast to Coast AM - August 18, 2013

Coast to Coast AM
Host: John B. Wells Coast to Coast AM

This Week Guests: Dr. Samuel Milham
Topic: Electromagnetic Pollution & Disease
Release Date ( August 18 2013 )
Air Date ( August 17 2013 )

John B. Wells was joined by Dr. Samuel Milham, who discussed the frightening link between human disease and electromagnetic pollution. The remainder of the show featured Open Lines.

Aug 1

PG&E whistleblower speaks out about Smart Meter fires and fraud

EMF Safety Network (U.S.) June 20, 2013

"Pat Wrigley, a brave former meter reader testifies at a California Utilities Commission Hearing in Santa Rosa, Ca.. Please listen carefully.  The audio is rough, but what he has to say is important."

"On December 18, 2012 a PG&E meter reader whistleblower tells the California Public Utilities Commission judge that:

  • Smart Meters CAUSE FIRES. 
  • PG&E is covering up the Smart Meter fire risk. 
  • PG&E fired him because he was unwilling to keep quiet. 
  • Smart Meter deployment cost not 2.2 billion, but ten billion dollars. 
  • *Smart Meter deployment is illegal because it is a crime of fraud against the consumers of California. 
  • No one does gas surveys but the meter readers. 
Thanks to EON for this important video clip."

Aug 1

Healthy Homes Environmental (Canada)

Electropollution consulting, detection and protection

Jun 28

Dirty Electricity Article - Sam Milham

Hypothesis: the reversal of the relation between economic growth and health progress in Sweden in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries was caused by electrification


" . . . I believe that the onset of electrification in Sweden can explain the reversal seen in twentieth century health indicators from the nineteenth century pattern of health improvement with economic improvement. It can also explain the disease patterns in the electrified world. I predict that the health effects of the current US recession and future recessions will be dampened and hard to discern, because the major individual exposures to electromagnetic fields and dirty electricity are now of non-industrial origin."

Jun 17

Dirty Electricity and Disease

RADIO INTERVIEW: Tune in as Dr. Sam Milham explains our power grid and shares his insights about the steps we can take, personally and socially, to protect ourselves against dirty electricity.

Radio Interview 
Dirty Electricity and Disease

by KIM GREENHOUSE on JUNE 10, 2013 


Sam Milham, M.D., M.P.H.

Dr. Sam Milham M.D. M.P.H. was the first scientist to alert the world to the dangers of dirty electricity. In his book Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization, he explains the link between electromagnetic field exposure and the rise of suicide rates and epidemic diseases like cancer and diabetes. Dr. Milham joins us to discuss the deleterious health effects of our current electrical system and the rapid proliferation of cellular and wifi technology. We will explore the first and second waves of illnesses from electrification, the evidence that residential electrification caused a spike in childhood leukemia, the low occurrence of cancer in Amish communities, the underbelly of wind and solar as they relate to dirty electricity, and other startling discoveries about long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Jun 1

Electrosmog in the Environment (Switzerland)

Swiss Agency for the Environment, Forests and Landscape (SAEFL) June 2005

"Electricity supply systems, electrical appliances and a wide range of transmitters for various wireless applications generate non-ionising radiation (commonly referred to as "electrosmog")  that can be harmful to our health, depending on its intensity. With its Ordinance relating to Protection from Non-Ionising Radiation, the Federal Council introduced a legal instrument to protect the population against the harmful effects of electrosmog. 

"This brochure describes the main sources of electrosmog, assesses the associated risks, identifies existing gaps in research and suggests ways in which we can reduce our own level of exposure." 

May 28

Radio Interview with Magda Havas

re effects of Wi-Fi and electromagnetic fields - KBOO Portland Oregon Public Radio Broadcast

Public Radio Interview (Oregon's KBOO FM) includes discussion, definitions, reports, research and personal accounts.

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