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Similar symptoms of ill health are reported worldwide by people of all ages who are exposed to wireless technologies.  These include cell phones and cell towers, wireless internet (Wi-Fi), portable home telephones, Wi-Max, utility "Smart" meters, microwave ovens, lighting fixtures, CFL light bulbs and other home and business devices and appliances.

Aug 22

Aug 14

All I Really Need to Know About EMF I Learned After My Wife Got Sick

A Brief History of Electrosmog - Spirit of Change Jonathan Mirin

" . . . History was never my favorite subject. I preferred English, theatre, religion -- subjects where the imagination seemed unrestricted by the weight of historical facts. Of course, I had heard the truism about not being able to understand the present without knowing the past. I appreciated the idea intellectually. But it wasn't until my wife Godeliève Richard, a Swiss dancer/choreographer and visual artist, became sick in the spring of 2010 and we came to understand, after three torturous years, that the root of her suffering was her sensitivity to RF (radio frequency) wireless radiation of the sort emitted by cell towers, cell phones, computers trying to pick up Wifi, Wifi enabled routers, cordless phones, tablets, our electric meter, etc., etc., etc., that I became an avid student of history.

"We began reading books, articles, websites. We watched documentaries. We spoke with activists. It took me several months to completely accept that EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity) was what had derailed our lives and stolen time and energy from our now three-year-old son. Members of our family and friends quietly confided their belief to me that this must be a mental problem. In a way, I wished they were right. How would we live? How would she survive? . . .


Aug 9

" . . . In the present study we showed that the percentages of positive results differ significantly between studies with real mobile phone exposures and studies with simulated exposures, regardless of biological samples or other procedure details. The basic difference between real and simulated mobile telephony EMFs is the inherent significant variability of the first which we believe is the reason for the strong divergence in the experimental results.

"In spite of the criticism on the studies employing real exposures by health agencies (the different aspects of which we extensively addressed) and the consequent difficulty in the publication process, the number of studies with real mobile phone emissions is increasing rapidly in the peer-reviewed literature, especially during the last years. An increasing number of scientists realize that real exposures by commercially available mobile phone handsets are the only way to represent conditions experienced by users in real-life, since they are very different and considerably more bioactive than the exposures made by simulated fields. . . .

"As the scientific database regarding the biological effects of EMFs emitted by modern telecommunications continues to grow, it is important for experimental study designs to grow in rigor and provide a more informed basis for interpretation. One important step is to employ real-life exposures.

"To investigate the biological/health effects from a widely accessible device exposing daily billions of humans we should not try to simulate the device but simply use the device itself. In particular, we should not try to simulate its real varying emissions with totally unrealistic invariant ones. This is a serious scientific flaw that may lead to totally devious results with enormous adverse consequences for public health."

Aug 1

Fruit Flies and Electrical Fields

University of Southhampton - Electric fields affect wing movement, leading to agitation and changes in brain chemistry

"A new piece of research led by the University of Southampton has found that the behaviour of fruit flies, which are commonly used in laboratory experiments, is altered by electric fields. The research indicates that the wings of the insects are disturbed by static electric fields, leading to changes in avoidance behaviour and the neurochemical balance of their brains.

""Fruit flies are often used as model organisms to understand fundamental problems in biology," say Professor Philip Newland, Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Southampton and lead author of the study. "75 per cent of the genes that cause disease in humans are shared by fruit flies, so by studying them we can learn a lot about basic mechanisms. . . .

Jul 25

Federal Petition - C4ST

Create a Mechanism for Canadians to Report Adverse Reactions to Wireless Radiation

"The Standing Committee of Health (2010) report . . . obtained recommended that:

"Health Canada ensure that it has a process in place to receive and respond to reports of adverse reactions to electromagnetic radiation emitting devices.

"In this document obtained by C4ST under the Access to Information Act, the memo from Health Canada to the Minister of Health states: "HC does not support the recommendation to establish an adverse reaction reporting process specifically for RF exposures."

"Help us encourage Health Minister Ambrose to follow the Parliamentary Committee recommendations by gathering signatures on the below petition to be presented in the House of Commons.


Wireless Radiation Reporting - House of Commons Sitting 209 (English)
Published on 22 Jun 2015

First reading of the petition in the House of Commons by MP Alex Atamanenko:

Jul 23

How Radio Waves Make You Sicker

Autoimmunity Research Foundation

Published on 29 Jun 2015

At the 5th International Symposium on the "Interaction of Nervous and Immune Systems in Health and Disease" in St Petersburg, Russia, on 26 June 2015, Prof. Trevor Marshall described two simple experiments which demonstrate that many patients with chronic disease also exhibit an Electromagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity (EHS), which makes their disease symptoms worse. The experiments are easily replicated, and the Autoimmunity Research Foundation is making available equipment to speed that process. The US CDC estimates that half of all US adults suffer from a chronic disease, potentially making EHS a major Public Health priority.

Jul 17

National brain tumour registry being created by Alberta researcher

Currently there is no central collection point in Canada for important information on tumours - CBC News

An Alberta researcher is helping to build a national brain tumour registry to help find missing clues to what causes brain tumours and other information that could help to improve survival rates.

"At this moment we don't know how good our care is," said Faith Davis, a specialist in chronic disease epidemiology at the University of Alberta's School of Public Health. .

"We don't know whether or not patients in one province are doing better than patients in another province. And we don't know if we have clusters of areas in Canada where the rates of tumours are higher than other areas."

"Brain cancer laser surgery treatment a first in Canada Some radiation therapy for cancer that spreads to brain not worth it, study suggests U of C brain cancer discovery could shrink tumours

"Canada relies on data from other countries because there is no central collection point for information on both malignant and non-malignant brain tumours, which means key information about what causes them and what can improve survival rates may be missed. .

"Davis is working on a pilot project that will collect information from five provinces, including Alberta, dating back to 2010.  

"It would reflect 90 per cent of the brain tumours in Canada, which would be a very good first look," said Davis, who helped to develop a national registry in the U.S. . . .

Jul 10

France: "I am 18 Years Old and Electrohypersensitive"

Towards Better Health - Toulouse: The long, hard battle of Mélody, electrohypersensitive, to pass the baccalaureate - by Fabrice Valery

"I am 18 years old and electrohypersensitive" by Melody  

We are publishing here a long letter written by Melody for a better understanding of her situation.  

I am 18 years old and electrohypersensitive (EHS). I am studying through a distance learning program with the CNED. It was when I was 13, on the terrace of our home on 27 May 2010 towards 4.30 in the afternoon, that I found myself covered with giant hives from head to toe for no apparent reason. On the tower opposite our house, Orange had had an antenna installed on 21 May 2010. We did research to try to understand what could have caused the hives, called "cholinergic". The conclusion was objective and clear. We understood that I had an allergy to electromagnetic waves.

The relay antenna, 66 meters [216 feet] high, located 280 meters [918 feet] from our house, was making us sick without knowing it, each time an important change occurred on the antenna. The discovery of my electrohypersensitivity was a relief, because for years, my parents and I had had many health problems without understanding the origin of these painful ailments which neither we nor the doctors could name. Today, this affliction which sticks to the skin has a name, but I am extremely worried about the future, for ours as well as that of today's and future children, and for the people who are still ignorant about the potential danger of electromagnetic waves.

We are far from being against modernity, but we do not want to be sacrificed, like they said at a meeting of the Regional Health Agency (ARS). I was only 13 years old at the time, and to my great disillusion, an engineer told me: "In any case, we prefer sacrificing the electrohypersensitive people rather than depriving the world's population of their cell phones". I was shocked to hear this. Afraid of having misunderstood, we had him repeat the word "sacrifice". He replied, "Yes, sacrifice" without hesitation and without any qualms. I know full well that we must make progress in modernity but without danger to humanity.

We must not doubt the danger of this new scourge. What is the future of an EHS child? These new wireless technologies: Invisible, Intangible, Odorless, Silent, Tasteless, have many consequences for health. Much proof has already been established in France and in the world. Is money more important than human lives on this magnificent planet?  

My affliction often results in headaches (very strong compression on the skull like a vise), continuous tinnitus, at times, more brutal and intense, a lack of concentration, memory problems like forgetting the words one means, backaches, tingling in the neck (like an electrical current), muscular aches, especially in the mornings when the body has remained sedentary during the nighttime, stinging of the eyes and sometimes red, dry eyes that itch, burning sensation in the stomach and sometimes vomiting. The nights are at times short, with insomnia from 2 to 4 in the morning. All these painful ills do not come at the same time, but some occur daily. What makes this physical (not mental!) ailment worse is to not be taken seriously and to be considered a hypochondriac.  

We would very much like to move, but where? We like our city and to move does not mean being safer. More relay antennas have to be installed without lowering the threshold... they are even more powerful in the countryside. The exposure to waves is more and more dangerous and stronger since 4G. We are developing more and more new invisible wireless technology. However, a cell phone can function with less voltage, and one can lower the threshold to 0.4 V/m instead of 60 V/m. We live with this ill daily, all the while trying to find a solution to survive day to day, because we love life.

This sensitivity to electromagnetic waves is for me the sixth sense of our body. We feel invisible pulsations. If some people are not sensitive like us, the waves are still going through them. It is here that we can become aware that the invisible on this earth may be as dangerous as the visible. I would like to live a normal life like everyone else, to be a young lady who is free to go everywhere without being confronted by these electromagnetic waves. I am trying to have a social life like everyone else. Often I pretend that there is nothing, but unfortunately I pay for it when I have become too exposed.  

In the courtyard of my school, there is also a 33-meter-high relay antenna [108 feet]. During this time, I was suffering unbearable headaches. I remember that it was only beneath a protective covering in the school playground that I felt some relief, without knowing why.

This wireless technology is a new addiction worse than drugs because it starts much earlier. It is not too late to react!


Original article in French:


Jun 25

Sleepless in America

How Digital Devices Keep Us Up All Night

" . . . The problem? Those electronic devices may be contributing to our sleep-deprived society. Eight-five percent of American adults tell the Better Sleep Council they have trouble sleeping at night. One in ten suffers from more serious chronic insomnia, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Since lack of sleep is linked to obesity, depression, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, the CDC declared sleep deprivation a "public health epidemic" in 2014. . .

"So what can you do to boost your chances of getting a good night's rest? . . .

Jun 25

Electrosmog Awareness - 2-sided Handout

Links, FAQ, updates, ElectroSENSITIVITY reported symptoms

This is a generic double-sided card that can be distributed as needed.

They can be handed out as is, but there is a small white space to write shareable personal contact information (e-mail or phone number) if desired/useful.

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