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Jan 27

Published on 2 Dec 2015 .........This message is for dads who believe wireless radiation has been proven to be completely safe.

For more information about the health effects of wireless radiation, visit http://www.clearlightventures.com.

Dec 7

Digital Amnesia

CBS2's Kristine Johnson reports

Nov 7

Love Song To The Earth

OFFICIAL Lyric Video

Official Love Song To The Earth Lyric Video  

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Sep 8

Cellphone inventor Martin Cooper: Smartphones aren't optimal

The Current's "Ripple Effect": CBC September 8, 2015

When Martin Cooper made the first ever call on a mobile phone, he had no idea he was spearheading a cellular revolution. The ripple effects of his invention exceeded his expectations, surprising everyone with the sweeping changes its brought to our lives.

The father of the cellphone, Martin Cooper says cellphones are still very primitive because we are slaves to them, rather than them being slaves to us.


Aug 26

The Dangers of Willful Blindness

TED Talk by Margaret Heffernan

Gayla Benefield was just doing her job -- until she uncovered an awful secret about her hometown that meant its mortality rate was 80 times higher than anywhere else in the U.S. But when she tried to tell people about it, she learned an even more shocking truth: People didn't want to know. In a talk that's part history lesson, part call-to-action, Margaret Heffernan demonstrates the danger of "willful blindness" and praises ordinary people like Benefield who are willing to speak up.

 " . . . This wasn't ignorance. It was willful blindness. Willful blindness is a legal concept which means, if there's information that you could know and you should know but you somehow manage not to know, the law deems that you're willfully blind. You have chosen not to know. There's a lot of willful blindness around these days. You can see willful blindness in banks, when thousands of people sold mortgages to people who couldn't afford them. You could see them in banks when interest rates were manipulated and everyone around knew what was going on, but everyone studiously ignored it. You can see willful blindness in the Catholic Church, where decades of child abuse went ignored. You could see willful blindness in the run-up to the Iraq War. Willful blindness exists on epic scales like those, and it also exists on very small scales, in people's families, in people's homes and communities, and particularly in organizations and institutions.

"Companies that have been studied for willful blindness can be asked questions like, "Are there issues at work that people are afraid to raise?" And when academics have done studies like this of corporations in the United States, what they find is 85 percent of people say yes. Eighty-five percent of people know there's a problem, but they won't say anything. And when I duplicated the research in Europe, asking all the same questions, I found exactly the same number. Eighty-five percent.

"That's a lot of silence. It's a lot of blindness. And what's really interesting is that when I go to companies in Switzerland, they tell me, "This is a uniquely Swiss problem." And when I go to Germany, they say, "Oh yes, this is the German disease." And when I go to companies in England, they say, "Oh, yeah, the British are really bad at this." And the truth is, this is a human problem. We're all, under certain circumstances, willfully blind. . . .

Aug 14

All I Really Need to Know About EMF I Learned After My Wife Got Sick

A Brief History of Electrosmog - Spirit of Change Jonathan Mirin

" . . . History was never my favorite subject. I preferred English, theatre, religion -- subjects where the imagination seemed unrestricted by the weight of historical facts. Of course, I had heard the truism about not being able to understand the present without knowing the past. I appreciated the idea intellectually. But it wasn't until my wife Godeliève Richard, a Swiss dancer/choreographer and visual artist, became sick in the spring of 2010 and we came to understand, after three torturous years, that the root of her suffering was her sensitivity to RF (radio frequency) wireless radiation of the sort emitted by cell towers, cell phones, computers trying to pick up Wifi, Wifi enabled routers, cordless phones, tablets, our electric meter, etc., etc., etc., that I became an avid student of history.

"We began reading books, articles, websites. We watched documentaries. We spoke with activists. It took me several months to completely accept that EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity) was what had derailed our lives and stolen time and energy from our now three-year-old son. Members of our family and friends quietly confided their belief to me that this must be a mental problem. In a way, I wished they were right. How would we live? How would she survive? . . .


Aug 10

Link to Messy Nessy's  Original Article

" . . . In the early 1920s, the radium girls started to experience the first symptoms of their demise. Their jaws began to swell and deteriorate, their teeth falling out for no reason. There was a horrific report of one woman going to the dentist to have a tooth pulled and ending up with an entire piece of her jaw being accidentally removed. A local dentist began to investigate the mysterious phenomenon of deteriorating jawbones among women in his town and soon enough discovered the link that they had all worked for the US Radium plant, licking radio-active paintbrushes at one time or another . . . .

Jun 30

We Are EMR Guinea Pigs

Jerry Day speaks about Electromagnetic Radiation in everyday life (first posted in April, 2012)

"A global "Smart Grid" program is being implemented which is blasting homes and businesses with more electromagnetic radiation than human beings have ever been subject to in human history. It is utterly preposterous to assume this will not lead to major human epidemics.

"We must now face the very serious problem that the institutions, government, corporations and foundations, that are supposed to be serving our interests are deliberately violating, exploiting, endangering and assaulting us.

"This video exposes electromagnetic radiation (EMR) as a major danger and violation to all current and future generations."

Other videos with Jerry Day:  Smart Meters a Little Too Smart? Personal Surveillance, and Protect Yourself 

Published on 7 Apr 2012
How Much Can We Take?  

TV Producer, Bill Day does not think that our exposure to the microwave and radio frequencies being emitted by our wireless devices has been adequately tested for safety.  

Are we so in love with the incredible convenience of this technology that we will only discover that it isn't worth the convenience when it is too late?

Here are some highlights of Day's statements from the video, above and transcribed in more detail below:
"Electromagnetic radiation causes cancer, neurological disorders, birth defects and a host of lesser symptoms.
"Billions of dollars are being made by corporations, by wirelessly wiring your world. They are downplaying the effects of electromagnetic radiation. They are bullying and threatening anyone who opposes the radiation roll-out. They're pretending the downside doesn't even exist.

"There is no science to show that a massive dose of EMF will be safe and harmless. All information and commonsense indicates just the opposite. But this time, it will be different than DDT, asbestos and tobacco. The powers-that-be will never give up their wireless data collection network...they will not give up wireless technology without a major fight.

"Will you fight them? Because there are only two choices: Fight or be irradiated."


"Biological organisms are electrical devices. Electromagnetic radiation induces electrical effects upon us. We are not designed to withstand massive bombardments of electrical induction, stimulation and harmonic decomposition.

"Just as an opera singer can induce frequencies to shatter a wine glass, your cell phones, your WiFi computers and SmartMeters induce shattering harmonics upon your body's cellular and molecular structures; your DNA. That is why electromagnetic radiation causes cancer, neurological disorders, birth defects and a host of lesser symptoms.

"Electromagnetic radiation dismantles you from the inside out. In the years just ahead of us, we are about to see a whole lot more of those diseases, injuries and symptoms...  

"Billions of dollars are being made by corporations, by wirelessly wiring your world. They are downplaying the effects of electromagnetic radiation. They are bullying and threatening anyone who opposes the radiation roll-out. They're pretending the downside doesn't even exist. And they're using all of their money and power to squelch anyone who raises any inconvenient facts, evidence or science.  

"You may recognize this pattern from the DDT issue, the asbestos issue, the tobacco issue. In each one of those cases, those large and highly-profitable industries managed, through propaganda and legislative lobbying, to suppress the truth until so many people died and the evidence was so overwhelming that even corrupt political leaders had no choice but to finally capitulate.  

."DDT is now banned. Asbestos is banned and tobacco is becoming more severely restricted and taxed every day. Electromagnetic radiation is a major international industry with far more profit potential than DDT, asbestos and tobacco combined. The wireless industries and tycoons are now suppressing information, attacking their opponents, spreading false and misleading information, investing billions in the roll-out and greasing the political wheels, as they always do - and the political wheels are glad for the grease, as they always are.  

"Prepare to be personally exposed to levels of electromagnetic radiation far above anything ever experienced in human history. Prepare to be the guinea pig in an experiment with human cancers, mutations, illnesses and death. Prepare to suffer that until the evidence is so clear and obvious that there will be enough victims to force the corrupt officials and the criminal corporate perpetrators to capitulate to the mountain of evidence and tragic human stories.

"There is no science to show that a massive dose of EMF will be safe and harmless. All information and common sense indicates just the opposite. But this time, it will be different than DDT, asbestos and tobacco. The powers-that-be will never give up their wireless data collection network. They may offer to shield your digital devices, they may pay the settlements on your lawsuits, they may cry out to Congress about how vital the SmartGrid is for their businesses, for their security, for their profits and power - but they will not give up wireless technology without a major fight.  

"Will you fight them? Because there are only two choices: Fight or be irradiated. Fight or accept birth defects, cancer, brain disease and countless other unforeseen tragic consequences. Obviously, electromagnetic radiation must one day go the way of DDT, asbestos and tobacco - the question is simply: at what point do we all realize that we must fight?

Jerry Day


Alexandra Bruce
April 5, 2012

Jun 14

Humour: Hydro's billing practices remain modern mystery

letter to Hydro One Ontario - Jane Bailey

A humorous letter written to Hydro One in Ontario, but it easily could have been written to BC Hydro-- another incompetent, unreasonable monopoly.

 "Dear Hydro One, "Hey -- how're you doing? I know I haven't been in touch lately, but I wanted to let you know I've seen your name in the headlines and had been thinking about you.

"First, let me say that I appreciate the difficulty you've experienced with your new meters and billing process.

"It can't be easy to roll out a new technology to millions of customers, particularly residential ones whose electricity use can apparently fluctuate between using one light bulb, once a day, to running an amusement park in their basements. What a complex, hard-to-manage task that must be.

 "I've tried to gain insight to your billing process a few times over the years, but after fruitless exchanges with some of your employees who explained your billing about as well as my high school math teacher explained calculus (I still can't find X), I gave up.

"Instead, I've resigned myself to belonging to your band of obligatory users, as our house was built in the 1970s, when electricity was cheap and baseboard heating the way to go. . . .

May 14

Cell phone headaches, cell tower blues

View from Trent - Magda Havas

"Imagine a world identical to our own with one exception everyone is deaf. There is no radio and television remains at the level of the silent movie. Telephone communication is visual but beyond that the world is very much like our own.

"What would such a world be like?

 "It would probably be very noisy, since there would be no need for noise control and no regulations to limit noise. Car engines would still roar, perhaps louder than they do now, tires would squeal, birds would sing, and thunder would rumble across the sky but we would not be able to hear any of this.

"Now, imagine that some people in this world can hear. They don't realize they are any different except in a few subtle ways. They can predict the coming of storms. They claim to "hear" thunder at a distance. They have difficulty sleeping. In the middle of the night they hear roaring engines, squealing tires, horns blaring and other things that are silent to the rest of us. Because of their poor sleep, they are tired during the day. They become anxious and worried. The noise frightens them but only they can hear it so they begin to question their sanity. . . .

"Electromagnetic hypersensitivity has not yet been accepted by our medical professionals. Just like chronic fatigue syndrome, chemical hypersensitivity, and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) it will take some time and many complaining patients before that changes. In the meantime, those suffering need to reduce their exposure to radio frequency radiation not a simple thing to do in our highly technical society . . .

 "Our government can play a vital role. . .

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