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Smart Meter Action Kit

This "Smart Meter" Action Kit contains valuable information about so-called "Smart Meters."  Conveniently, this information is being withheld by hydro and power authorities in hopes that deployment will go ahead unchallenged, without sufficient research into the health, safety and security issues involved.



Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
PO Box 52061
Beacon Ave. RPO
Sidney, BC V8L 5V9

EMAIL ADDRESS for registration or letters to BCUC: commission.secretary@bcuc.com
EMAIL ADDRESS for BC HYDRO / Greg Reimer greg.reimer@bchydro.com

Oct 1

CLASS ACTION (Lawsuit) PACKAGE (refreshed October 1, 2015)

Links to Participation Forms, Q and A and other information for anyone opposed to BC Hydro's Smart Meter Program



Status of Class Action, Aug. 20, 2015 (update coming soon)

Application for Certification, October 1, 2015
Application to Amend, October 1, 2015

* Check out the postings under BCUC/BC Hydro Class Action / BCUC on this website for ongoing news and updates. 




Questions and Answers relating to Participation Forms

Opt-Out Sign for Analog (Option 1)

Opt-out Sign for Analog (Option 2- Class Action Version)



Mini Class Action Participation Form

Mini Q&A


Sep 1


Registration Notice, instructions and background information (updated)

FOR FortisBC Customers

As yet there is no Class Action Lawsuit in motion in the FortisBC Electric service area.
In the meantime, we encourage FortisBC customers to register their refusal of a smart meter with FortisBC using the following "No-Fee Opt-Out Registration Notice" form.

Smart Meter NO-FEE OPT OUT Registration Notice   FortisBC
FortisBC No Trespassing Sign  
FortisBC confirmation of application

September 18, 2013:  FortisBC Inc Radio-Off AMI Meter Option Application to BCUC  

Aug 31

PETITION: BC Hydro is Hurting Our People

PLEASE SIGN AND HELP! (Reposted from February, 2015)

Subject; BC Hydro / Fortis BC Objective; To make aware that low income families, growing families, old age pensioners cannot afford these huge increases and to stop the hikes from continuing. To have the new smart meters removed & or investigated for errors, and last but not least, to have the policy changed on BC hydro not being responsible for damages / fires done to homes from malfunctioning smart meters.

The residents of British Columbia are struggling right now. The new "smart meters" were supposed to help us, but so far, it has caused nothing but problems. Some had left BC for the holidays and used ZERO energy, but BC Hydro's smart meters can be viewed online, and said some were using energy when they were not even home. We have Enough power to send to California where they pay less, meanwhile we are losing our shirts. There are no other options available in BC, They are the primary suppliers for power & they have us trapped. They are not responsible for any damages to properties. There have already been homes that have been damaged Via fire to defective Smart meters. This is a human rights issue. Not just a financial one, and this petition will be submitted to every Ombudsman, MP, and Federal Government, possible. PLEASE SIGN AND HELP!

The main focus here is to show goverment officials and the corporation that this really hurts young, growing, families. Senior citizens that are on fixed incomes and to show these parties that even though we are doing everything we can to conserve energy, we are still paying an overzealous amount. Not to mention, these parties will not fix the dam in Jordan River that is extremely old. They would rather try to get rid of the residents out of their dwelling... When you sign this petition you are opening a lot of doors. Dont forget the election is comming up! This may just work to our advantage!!!

Mar 14

There's an important new book out that will likely be very useful for this and other related issues: your right to know; how to use the law to access government information; how to access what government hides; how to hold institutions accountable; how to request pertinent info from government using both informal and formal requests. This information is rightfully free because it is a public interest issue.   

"In their recently published book "Your Right to Know", journalists Jim Bronskill and David McKie have done yeomans' work explaining how Canadians can use freedom of information requests to get government secrets. But, at the federal level, it's work they shouldn't have needed to do -- pointing to another problem with Canada's broken access to information laws.  

"Introduced in 1980 by Pierre Trudeau's Liberals, the Access to Information Act gave Canadians a limited right to request government records. The bureaucracy's filing cabinets could now metaphorically be opened by anyone -- unless the records in them included 75 different kinds of information that would still be considered secret.  

"But, even with those limits, the Trudeau administration seemed to have little interest in telling voters about their newfound rights or how to exercise them.  

"Just before the act came into force, the Globe and Mail told readers the government would be "placing posters in post offices and public libraries" to advertise the new program. But "it plans nothing else in the way of public information," a deficiency noted by information commissioner Inger Hansen in her first annual report. . . .

Mar 8

BC emails for letters re smart meter issues (updated March 7, 2015)

BC Hydro, government members and contacts, Federal MP's, media

Letters are needed from BC citizens. Please send your concerns and insights to the following addresses, and ask others to do the same:

Mar 1

Dr. Martin Blank PhD on Safety Code 6, DNA Damage, Health Risks of Wireless Technologies

A good example of a presentation for meetings and council hearings.

For anyone who specifically wants to challenge Safety Code 6 at a mayor and council level, or other levels of government "authority." The contents are generic, and a good example of information that can be presented to councils in under 5 minutes.

Feb 11

Maryland Smart Meter Awareness (MSMA) Website

education and advocacy to protect public health

Jan 1

Smart Meters: Separating Fact from Fiction

Commonly Made Statements: What's the Real Story? (July 2013)

Updated 2013

When asked about the impacts that "Smart Meters" will have on B.C., representatives of Hydro have a standard set of responses-- a scripted "mantra" intended to justify their decision to install these meters. In form letters and interviews, advertisements and news reports, the statements are repeated and repeated again.

To explain their inaccuracies and clarify facts is a highly repetitive exercise, problematic when Hydro representatives and government officials make the same false statements over time, and when reports in the mainstream media continue to present these inaccuracies as truth.

The following collection of "Frequently Asked Questions and Statements made about Microwave/ Radiofrequency Radiation" contains information that helps to separate the fact from the fiction. Hopefully it will answer any questions regarding "Smart Meters": their safety and their health effects, their costs and impacts on B.C. and beyond.

Jan 1

 Introductory Letter

B.C. Energy Minister Bill Bennett and BC Hydro state that there have been no fires or dangerous incidents involving smart meters. Are they deceitful or just incompetent? 

  • Introduction 
  • Reports of Fires 
  • Tracking of Smart Meter Fires or Failures 
  • Unreliable Sources 
  • Violations of Procedure 
  • Conclusion 
  • Emails

Jan 1

BC Hydro Class Action Update - January 1, 2015

Newsletter December 30, 2014 - In Grateful Admiration to the Memory of Jimmy Gonzalez, 1972 - 2014

Jimmy Gonzales speaking to all of us  

Thank you most sincerely to all who continue to support the class action lawsuit against BC Hydro. Your donations are driving this legal challenge, and we look forward to the court hearing in April, 2015.  We will not give up this fight to regain the sanctity of our own homes.

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