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Feb 1


Formerly "There Goes the Neighbourhood") TWO PAGE FACTS SHEET that can be posted/distributed to increase public awareness

FACTS about Smart Meters:
mandated to be installed on your home without your consent.    

What Every Citizen has the Right to Know . . .

(Formerly "There Goes the Neighbourhood.")

Jan 19

B.C. Hydro must remove more than 88,000 smart meters

Crown corporation executive says most of the 1.9 million devices will last 20 years, as originally promised

"B.C. Hydro needs to remove more than 88,000 smart meters that are either faulty or may not meet Measurement Canada standards, public records show.  

"On top of that, the Crown corporation wants to replace 8,200 old analog meters and introduce nearly 5,000 new meters that work in rural areas that have poor wireless connections.  

"The total bill will be at least $20 million. . . .  

"We're pretty confident at this point we'll get the life expectancy we wanted and expected," Anderson said.  

"B.C. Hydro estimates that by 2019 it will need to remove 40,000 faulty or failed meters, and another 48,000 meters for testing to see whether they still meet Measurement Canada's accuracy standards. Hydro says those meters found to meet standards will be put back into its inventory.

"NDP critic Adrian Dix doubts both the 20-year life estimate and planned 20-year amortization period in the 2011 business plan. The project was budgeted at $930 million.  

"Dix said the number of failures would "presumably continue to go up as the smart meters get older."

Health concerns motivate holdout  

"Liz Walker finds herself among a dwindling group of B.C. Hydro customers who refuse to convert from an analog meter to a smart meter.  

"A lot of people folded because they couldn't afford the legacy fees and they've been railroaded to accepting smart meters," said Walker. 

"She pays $32.40 a month for her analog meter to be read manually at her house in Surrey and a property she inherited in Peachland.  

"B.C. Hydro installed 1.9 million smart meters from 2011 to 2013, but backed away in July 2013 from imposing smart meters on 68,000 holdouts. . . .

Jan 16

"BC Hydro provided the public with misleading financial information in order to justify spending more than $1-billion to install smart meters across the province, claims NDP energy critic Adrian Dix.

"In a detailed letter to Jessica McDonald, the president and chief executive of BC Hydro, Mr. Dix accuses the Crown corporation of inflating a claim that the smart-meter program would lead to more than $500-million in net benefits, largely by reducing $732-million in electricity theft by marijuana grow-ops.  

"In a statement responding to the criticism, BC Hydro has defended the program, saying it is exceeding expectations in helping to reduce electricity theft. But Mr. Dix said that based on BC Hydro reports, three years into the program, the promised savings haven't materialized. BC Hydro installed 1.8 million smart meters in 2012 after presenting a business case that the program would more than pay for itself by more accurately tracking energy use, making the system more efficient and helping to combat the theft of electricity.

"The thing has been in place since the end of 2012. I don't think there's any evidence of a substantial change in grow-op operations or a reduction in electricity theft," Mr. Dix said. "And now British Columbians have to pay the price. I mean, we didn't need to spend a billion on this program."

"In his letter, sent to Ms. McDonald by e-mail on Thursday, Mr. Dix accuses BC Hydro of inflating the cost of electricity theft by grow-ops. He says that in 2004, the utility claimed that total electricity theft from grow-ops was $12-million, but those estimates jumped dramatically - from $50-million in 2006 to $100-million in 2011 - to justify the smart-meter program.

"If you look at what they did, suddenly the amount of electricity theft started to go up," Mr. Dix said. "In fairness to BC Hydro, they were ordered to [move to smart meters]." Then-premier Gordon Campbell "wanted to do it. Cabinet ordered them to do it. And so they had to come up with a new business case to somehow justify all this."

"Mr. Dix demanded an accounting of the smart-meter program from BC Hydro.

"They need a new business case. They need to be honest with people that smart meters are going to be a net cost to the province. They can still defend them if they want, they can say, 'Well, we have to [replace] analog meters, etc.,' but don't continue to mislead people," he said. And Mr. Dix said that if BC Hydro can inflate the business-case numbers for "a massive and costly program" such as the switch to smart meters, it brings into doubt the corporation's projections on other projects, such as the $9-billion Site C dam.

"In an e-mail, Steve Vanagas, chief communications officer for BC Hydro, said the smart-meter and infrastructure program, known as SMI, is working as predicted.

"The SMI business case projected a reduction in theft to peak at 75 per cent by the end of [fiscal year] 2016. We are now expecting to reduce energy theft by 80 per cent or more. We expect that over 20 years, we will exceed our gigawatt-hour targets on energy-theft reduction," he wrote.

"The original business case says the benefit from reduced electricity theft will be between $632 million and $832 million. While we are on track to exceed our theft-reduction targets, the exact value of these savings will fluctuate based on the cost of energy. We continue to expect the savings to be within that original range," Mr. Vanagas stated.

"He said BC Hydro had just received Mr. Dix's letter and will respond to it in detail at a later date."

Jan 12

The Neoliberal Politics of "Smart"

Electricity Consumption, Household Monitoring, and the Enterprise Form (Portland State University)

A report by a PhD student and prof. using BC Hydro as a model on surveillance and profiteering from use of our data.


"This article investigates how digital technologies in the energy sector are enabling increased value extraction in the cycle of capital accumulation through surveillant processes of everyday energy consumption. We offer critical theory . . . and critical political economy . . . as a guide for critical understanding of value creation in ICT through quotidian processes and practices of social reproduction. . . .

"We investigate national and local level "smart grid" campaigns and projects. The "smartening" of the energy grid, we find, is both an ideological construct and a technological rationalization for facilitating capital accumulation through data collection, analysis, segmentation of consumers, and variable electricity pricing schemes to standardize social practices within and outside the home. We look at BC Hydro as one illustration of where such practices are being instituted.  

  • Thinking critically about the smart grid 
  • Prosumption and surveillance 
  • Economic surveillance, informational governance, and neoliberal subjectivity 
  • The smart grid: Smart for whom? 
  • Smart grid deployment 
  • Smart meters and demand management 
  • Smart pricing: Toward instantaneous time-of-use pricing and subject formation 
  • Smart intrusion: Opening homes to government and corporate surveillance 
  • Homo consumo: Discipline and punish 
  • Notes 
  • References 

Jan 1


(updated December, 2015) Links to Participation Forms, Q and A and other information for anyone opposed to BC Hydro's Smart Meter Program

Nov 13

Cover-up - Smart Meter Fires in BC

Sharon Noble Director of StopSmartMetersBC with Citizen's Forum's Jack Etkin

Published on 4 Nov 2015

Smart meter fires are occurring in B.C. and nothing is being done to inform the public.

Nov 8

Nov 1

Written Testimony of Ronald M. Powell, Ph.D.

in Response to Public Service Commission (PSC), Maryland: Includes Symptoms after Exposure to Smart Meter Radiation and The Health Argument for Replacing Wireless Smart Meters with a Safe Metering Technology in Maryland

Testimony of Ronald M. Powell re PSC Order 87184 Case No. 9208 .

Ronald M. Powell is a retired career U.S. Government scientist. He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Harvard University. During his Government career, he worked for the Executive Office of the President, the National Science Foundation, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. .

"In the Matter of Baltimore Gas and Electric Company for Authorization to Deploy a Smart Grid Initiative and to Establish a Surcharge Mechanism for the Recovery of Cost"

Before the Public Service Commission of Maryland
Case No. 9208

Date: November 7, 2015

Oct 30

On May 2, 2012, Vancouver City Council listened to various speakers on the Smart Meter issue.

Una St. Clair is with CitizensforSafeTechnology.org. Citizens For Safe Technology Society is launching a Class Action against BC Hydro, the hearings for which will occur at the Vancouver Courthouse from December 7 to December 11, 2015

As many people as possible are asked to attend.

Vancouver City Hall Smart Meter public presentations Part 2
Vancouver City Hall Smart Meter presentations Part 3
Vancouver City Hall Smart Meter public presentations Part 4
Vancouver City Hall Smart Meter public presentations Part 5
Vancouver City Hall Smart Meter public presentations Part 6

Oct 18


EMR Health Alliance of BC (EMRABC)

  • Farnham, Quebec 
  • Nevada Smart Meter Fires 
  • Could Smart Meter be Responsible For Close Call at Meaford Residence? 
  • Collingwood Ontario 
  • Smarten up on smart meters 
  • Collingwood Ontario - Crisis averted as Ontario smart meter explodes next to gas line 
  • Melted Itron Meters in BC 
  • Quebec City firefighters ask Hydro-Qu├ębec to leave smart meters alone 
  • Family blames Smart Meter for Fire that killed 74-year-old 
  • ONTARIO: Thousands of smart meters to be removed over safety worries 
  • Some 5,500 of Ontario's 4.8 million smart meters are being removed and replaced because of a risk they could heat up, cause an electrical short and possibly spark a fire.
  • SaskPower Removing Smart Meters 
  • Saskatchewan Smart Meter Fire Review - Official Report (PDF) 
  • Fire in Langford, BC 
  • Burned meter, Revelstoke, May 25, 2014 
  • City on the hook if smart meter starts fire: IBA 
  • 'Unusual' number of fires, smart meters linked Ontario Fire Marshal says faulty base plates could be the cause, similar to Mission blaze
  • 2 home fires probed where new smart meters were set up 
  • BC Hydro doubts smart meter to blame for Coquitlam fire 
  • Sparwood fire fighters respond to the Sparwood post office 
  • Smart meter swap a flop in Alberni 
  • Vancouver - Fire Guts Home After Smart Meter Installed 
  • Vernon, BC 
  • Smart meter sparks fire? 
  • Explosion in Naples during smart meter installation
  • FPL worker burned, Naples Resort without power 
  • Exploding smart meters are endangering householders and workers: claim
  • Jemena says no smart meter blasts in its patch
  • Smart meter blasts covered up 
  • New Smart meter Explodes
  • Message for Fire Fighters and Insurers (PDF) 
  • PECO lies about fire problems and fast-tracks Smart Meter installations in Pennsylvania 
  • Fire in Bensalem - thunder hollow apartments - 2/6/2014
  • Electric meter blamed for Bensalem apartment fire 
  • New "Smart Meters" Can Overheat, Cause Fires
  • OREGON : PGE replacing 70,000 electricity meters because of fire risk
  • Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec 
  • Utility Smart Meter Fire Hearing Affects All Maryland Residents 
  • Quebec : Smart meters that take fire? VIDEO COVERAGE (ENGLISH) 
  • You'll Never Trust A Smart Meter Again After Learning Of This Man's Death.... 
  • Council Members Prepare For Fight Over Smart Meters 
  • Family claims MLGW smart meter was on burned house 
  • The Truth About Smart Meter Fires and Failures in British Columbia
  • Smart Meter Fires explained

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